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spoilers for s4 dan/blair scenes 
07:21am 12/05/2011
  [1-77] Gossip Girl (plus 20 entries for big20in20 batch)
[78-82] Carey Mulligan
[83-85] Colin Firth
[86-96] Kristen Stewart
[97-104] Batman Begins
[104-118] Equilibrium
[119-127] Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
[128-134] Inception
[135-143] Little Women
[144-159] Never Let Me Go
[160-163] Red Riding Hood
[165-172] The King's Speech
[173-173] AJ McLean

Here @ sexy_mood_music. The post will be public for 2 weeks, and if you care to see it after that, please feel free to join the comm. If you have any feedback or concrit, please don't hesitate to speak up. Thank you! :)

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10:44pm 17/11/2010
  HEY!! thought you will like to know that Candi_Cruz its now live on dirtystage watch it now.. don miss it!  
GossipGirlShow.com is just for you! 
02:57pm 01/12/2009
  Hey Gossip Girl Community!!

We’re pretty impressed with your dedication to the show and we want to let you know about a great new site, GossipGirlShow.com, to share your GG chatter with other fans like you. With Top 10 lists, fashion bests and worsts, Gossip Girl style guides, and the latest spolers, and killer gossip about your favorite celebrities like Leighton Meester, Chace Crawford, and Blake Lively, GossipGirlShow.com is the destination to get your Gossip Girl fix. This is your invitation to come check us out and meet other fans like yourself.

Don’t forget to leave us some feedback too in our forums... ’cuz gossip’s only fun if it’s shared. See you there and tell your friends!


Gossip Girl Show

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01:21pm 05/06/2008
  Hey what's up..name's candice and I'm from Fajardo, P.R. I just wanted to say that  I am totally addicted to GG. and am soo happy to have joined this sight!   

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04:24pm 10/08/2005
  I love gossip girl I've read almost of all the books my favorite people are Blair and Georgie.My favorite book is the 4th one in the series.  

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05:13pm 30/06/2005
  All of the RPGs are dying out! Seaton Arms is up and running, and certainly about to be active. Join for an entire summer of amazinggg fun!

CLICKKKKCollapse )

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11:13am 14/01/2005
  Hey guys! I post here often with my personal LJ account (so please dont get mad at this post...i was to lazy to switch accounts! LoL!) but I'm here today because I know all of you love Gossip Girl! And I co-own a RPG that is a lot like the Gossip Girl books. You know the whole "rich socialites livin in manhattan, partying all night!" If your interested please apply! We would love to have you!

check it out here nyc_hangout or click in the pic below!

This RPG has been around since July! It took a little hiatus but we just reopened and are still going strong! So check it out!


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09:22pm 27/12/2004
  I love gossip girl this is my third community ive joined.... im excited to talk about gg with others!

btws... promoting another community... its also really cool http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v415/ah_yourecute_/Banners/mka-sweets_jpg.jpg

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06:27pm 15/12/2004
  Supposedly Lindsay Lohan said on TRL that she is in the movie but is not playing Blair? If so.. yay!!

Maybe she is Jenny instead!

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04:53pm 05/12/2004
  go join the__preps

you know you want to :o)

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03:32pm 28/11/2004
  Sara Mahoney .... Jenny Humphrey
18 June 1991
New Haven, Connecticut, USA

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11:10pm 20/10/2004
  new book new book new book!!

ahh, i ordered it online and i'm waiting for it to come in!


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Movie Info 
04:31pm 03/10/2004
Comedy, Drama, Adaptation

Lindsay Lohan ... Blair Waldorf
     2 July 1986
    New York, New York, USA
Liana Jordan ... Serena van der Woodsen
    No info on her...
Alyssa Lawrence ... Katie Farkas
     11 January 1983
     Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Distributed by:
Warners Bros.

"Set on Manhattan's Upper East Side, Gossip Girl follows Blair Waldorf (Lindsay Lohan), the leader of a group of snobby rich girls at a private school. When her former social nemesis is kicked out of boarding school and returns to the fray, Blair sees their rivalry renewed."

Release Date:
TBA 2005

Geez, they make it sound like Serena wasn't also her best friend...

Also they put the genre as comedy, I found only one website that says Drama.

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03:52pm 03/10/2004
  Hello, I'm new. I'm Christine, Age 14.

Sad to say, I've been reading GG for like 2 years now, since the first book came out, and I honestly didn't know it was being turned into a movie. I kinda don't want it to be a movie because like every book I really like gets turned into a cheesy disney movie. All American Girl, The Princess Diaries, Freaky Friday, Harry Potter.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to deal. What studio is the movie by. I hope it's good. I need to get the newest book still.

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11:37pm 02/10/2004
mood: apathetic
Hey girls...just wanted to say that I preordered the new Gossip Girl and recieved it on the 28th...I finished reading it today and it was soo good!! Definitely worth buying

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07:36pm 02/10/2004
mood: happy
Hey! I just joined this community because I LOVE Gossip Girl. I started reading the series last Christmas, and now I'm addicted!

I also can't wait for the movie, though I'm a little disappointed that Lindsay Lohan will be playing Blair. Not that I don't like her, It's just that she doesn't seem to fit the Blair description, y'know?

Oh and...

Promotion... sorry if this isn't allowed. Just delete this post if it isn't.Collapse )

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03:29pm 26/08/2004

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05:55pm 09/08/2004
  Read and tell all your friends about paparazzi_diary! An ongoing story story about the young, beautiful, and rich in sunny Los Angeles! Read and comment today!  

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12:37am 09/08/2004
  did anyone else hear that Ashlee Simpson will be playing jenny? I saw it somewhere on a Ashlee community but I don't know if this is true or not .. let me know =) k, thx! =) -courtney  

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05:37pm 07/08/2004
mood: chipper

Are you as exicited as I am? =)

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