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gossipgrrl's Journal

Gossip Girl - You Know You Love Me!
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"Ever wonder what the lives of the chosen ones are really like? Well I'm going to tell you, because I'm one of them. I'm not talking about beautiful models or actors or musical prodigies or mathematical geniuses. I'm talking about the people who are born into it- those of us who have everything anyone could possibly wish for and who take it all completely for granted.

Welcome to New York City's Upper East Side, where my friends and I live and go to school and play and sleep- sometimes with each other."

In Cecily Von Ziesgesar's Gossip Girl series, we follow around a crowd overpriveleges over sexed teenagers. Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck et all's lives are monitered on the elusive gossipgirl's website. Who is she? We don't know. But she knows all, and she makes sure everyone else does too.

In this community, we'll reflect on Blair and Nate's relationship, Dan's Serena obsession, and who gossipgirl really is.

"I'll be watching closely. I'll be watching all of us. It's going to be a wild and wicked year. I can smell it.

gossip girl"